Brighter! is a live variety show featuring comedy, music and "feel good" bits, conceived by Dannah Phirman and Seth Morris. Their goal was to highlight the good in the everyday, with each live show supporting a different local community organization. Due to unforeseen quarantines, Brighter! never debuted on stage but instead moved online, where its mission remains the same: a feel good comedy experience that celebrates the best people in our community right alongside the weirdest people in the Brighter! apartment building. 

Brighter!'s first show streamed on April 11, 2020.

It raised thousands of dollars for charity and featured 47 swear words. 






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Seth Morris
Seth Morris is an actor and a writer. He’s had recurring roles on VEEP, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The League and Happy Endings. Writing credits include Kroll Show, Funny Or Die, The Eric Andre Show and Childrens Hospital. Seth and Dannah used to be room mates and one time he killed her plants because he forgot to water them. He still feels bad about it. 
Dannah Phirman
Writer/performer Dannah Phirman is the co-creator, executive producer, and star of Hulu’s The Hotwives series. Most recently she's acted on American Princess, Black Monday, Veronica Mars and she voiced the title character on the long running PBS series WordGirl. Her writing credits include Marry Me, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I’m Sorry and Showtime’s Black Monday. Dannah doesn't remember Seth killing her plants but now that he reminded her, she's furious with him.

Amy Ruffle


Amy Ruffle is an actor and producer, know for her lead role in NETFLIX’s Mako Mermaids and performances of varying quality on stages across Australia and the United States.

Seth and Dannah don’t know that Amy secretly poisoned their house plants in the hopes that one of them would move out and she would have a place to crash. 

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Rob Bowen


Rob Bowen is a comedy producer (Del Close Marathon) and UCB House Team performer (Lotions 11).

He declined to participate in the  house plants bit.