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VisIt the charity's donation page and donate there! Mention brighter Comedy in the comments! 
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Donate to help those affected by the western wildfires.
Other ways to support And take action
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Any donations sent on Venmo to @brightercomedy
will be forwarded to the charity for our current show
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Find and support Black Owned businesses in your area!

Art to educate (@ohhappydani)

Tools to talk about race and womanhood (@rachel.cargle)

Self-Empowering black people that work with law enforcement (@yourrightscamp)

Be a supportive ally (@mireillecharper)

Information on anti-racism(@goodgoodgoodco)

Information about black feminism (@blackandembodied)

Resources to help people dismantle their power, privilege, and racism(@ckyourpriviledge)

Social wellness club celebrating people of color (@ethelsclub)

Recognise your privilege, combat racism, change the world (@laylafsaad)

Resource strives to champion Black voices & art (@r29unbothered)

Learn more about how You can support Justice for Elijah MClain 
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Get involved with White People for Black Lives matter or Showing up for Racial Justice to find groups and resources in your area
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